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Article Title Experimental Research on Vibration Control of High-rise Petrochemical Equipment with Lumped-mass Tuned Mass Damper
Keywords High-rise Petrochemical Equipment, Wind-induced Vibration Control, Tuned Mass Damper.
Abstract The wind-induced vibration of high-rise petrochemical equipment would do great harm to equipment operation and cause fatigue damage easily. Thus it is very necessary to install some control device to reduce the vibration actively. Therefore, the tuned mass damper (TMD), rarely used in high-rise petrochemical equipment, is studied by experiment to minimize wind-induced vibration, ensure safety operation and prolong service life. In the experiment, the high-rise petrochemical equipment is properly simplified in order to verify the feasibility of the TMD. Parameter matching of the TMD is mainly researched, which includes mass ratio and damping ratio. Experimental results show that the TMD is feasible for the wind-induced vibration control of high-rise petrochemical equipment. When parameters are not properly matched, the effect of vibration suppression is not the best. However, the top maximum displacement of the simulator reduces by 38.51% under optimal matching parameters in the experimental condition. The experimental research has provided certain valuable references for practical application of the TMD in petrochemical field.
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