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Article Title The Research of Intelligent Diagnosis Expert System on Pumps Group
Keywords Pumps Group, Fault Diagnosis, Expert System, Off-line Patrol.
Abstract The pumps group dispersed in the oil refining enterprises is commonly monitored by off-line patrol management system, by which inspection and data analysis are limited. Automatic diagnosis for pump faults cannot be performed, and maintenance of pumps cannot be relied on in this system. Therefore, a task-based intelligent diagnosis expert system is proposed to solve this problem. The diagnostic reasoning of the system is implemented by formulating a general rule based on the failure mechanism of the pump, and establishing customized special diagnosis rules for different pumps on the basis of general rules. Different tasks can be selected to diagnose faults according to different types of centrifugal pump. According to this design strategy, an intelligent diagnosis expert system for the pumps group is developed and used in the refining enterprises. Practical examples of diagnosis for the pumps group are given to verify the effectiveness of the approach proposed in this paper.
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