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Article Title Migration of Lead, Cobalt, Nickel and Zinc from Ceramic Glazes by Acid Food Simulants
Keywords Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, Ceramic Glazes, Migration.
Abstract Ceramic food packaging containers with improperly fabricated glazes can release some toxic heavy metals such as lead, cobalt, nickel and zinc into foods, which may contaminate foods and even endanger consumer’s health. In order to investigate the safety of ceramic food packaging containers with contact with food and to study the leaching behavior of lead, cobalt, nickel and zinc, long-term contact experiments were carried out on glazed tile specimens with 4% acetic acid solution under different conditions. Results indicate that nickel is the most leachable element among these four heavy metals, and lead is the least leachable one, relatively. The amount of these heavy metals released into the leachate increase with temperature. Similarly, the rates of the release of these heavy metals increase with temperature, too. Parabolic Fit analyses of all the leaching data on the long term yield good correlations (the square of correlation coefficient, R 2 was all above 0.93) which indicate that migration of lead, cobalt, nickel and zinc from the certain glaze into 4% acetic acid were diffusion-controlled process and have a linear dependence on the square root of time for the amount of heavy metals removed from glaze into acid food simulants.
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