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Article Title Research of Reducing Unbalanced Vibration in Rotating Machinery by Damping Technology
Keywords Rotating Machinery, Unbalanced Vibration, Damping Liquid, Counterweight.
Abstract The research of the unbalanced vibration controlling method has largely concentrated on changing the system’s quality and stiffness or optimizing the bearing’s damping parameters. In this paper, a newly designed damping device was utilized on an experimental rig to decrease the rotor’s vibration. The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of damping liquid on reducing the vibration amplitude. After changing a series of damping liquid, the experiment reached the aim of proving that the new device could decrease the vibration obviously. It was demonstrated that the viscosity of the damping liquid was a key element to control the unbalance vibration. Furthermore, in order to prove that the damping device could be utilized at different unbalanced working situations, six different kinds of counterweight were designed to test the adaptability of the new design. This, in turn, is found that the damping device has a profound effect to amounts of unbalanced working situations. And a series of conclusions and findings could be harvested from the experiments. The reported findings are backed by the evidence from the test fig.
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