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Article Title Research on Fluctuating Forces Occurred in Components of Reciprocating Hydrogen Compressors
Keywords Multi Body Dynamics, Reciprocating Compressor, Numerical Simulation, Piston-crank Mechanism.
Abstract Reciprocating compressors have much repetition of maintenance as compared with other compressors and long-term continuous operation is desired. In practice, Breakdown troubles have occurred in the connecting parts during operation. Thus, it is important to understand the effects of the rigidity of the connecting parts on the dynamic behavior in reciprocating compressors. To this end, the present study treated the multi-body dynamics of the crankshaft-piston system using an analytical model with variable spring constants at the connecting parts. The results show that the sliding crosshead and piston rod could be a great factor when the spring constant of the connecting parts was changed in analysis of the multi-body dynamics[1].
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