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Article Title Research on the Burst Pressure of Cryogenic Composite Cylinder with Metal Liner
Keywords Cryogenic, Composite cylinder, Burst pressure
Abstract To ensure that the load-carrying property of the composite cylinder meet requirements at low temperature, this paper analyzes and researches the composite cylinder’s burst pressure under normal-low-temperature environment. First, the damage constitutive model of composite material at low temperature is established by introducing the stiffness reduction coefficient on the basis of the constitutive relation of composite material at low temperature. Then, the composite damage is predicted based on Chang-Chang criterion and the composite stiffness degradation criterion is determined. Thus, the progressive damage analysis model of the composite laminated structure under thermal-mechanical coupled load is established. Last, the finite element analytical model reflecting the real cylinder structure is built based on the ANSYS parametric design language (APDL). By the finite element analytical model, this paper predicts the burst pressure of normal-low-temperature cylinder and analyzes the influence of cryogenic properties to the burst pressure of cylinder.
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