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Article Title Application of the multifractal method to the feature extraction of megawatt wind turbine main bearing
Keywords Wind Turbine, Main Bearing, Multifractal Method, Feature Extraction.
Abstract The fault signal problems of wind turbine are non-linear and non-stationary, thus it is difficult to obtain the obvious fault features. The development of non-linear dynamic theory brought a new method, multifractal method, for recognizing and predicting the complex non-linear dynamic behavior. The singularity spectrum obtained from the multifractal method is a comprehensive reflection of the distribution of the singularities of signals. In this study, the faults of megawatt wind turbine main bearing are investigated by the multifractal method. The real vibration signals collected from the main bearing are analyzed using the singularity spectrum. The results show that the vibration signals of the inner race fault have the strongest singularity. It means that the multifractal method is effective to extract the fault features and can reflect the real operating conditions of the megawatt wind turbine.
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